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The Forge: VCSU's Literary Journal

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The Forge, founded by professor Lee Kruger in 2002, is Valley City State University's campus arts and literary journal.  Our mission is to promote and publish the creative work of the VCSU community.  

The Forge
is a faculty-reviewed, student-edited journal that strives to encourage the risk and excitement of creating new literary and visual art.
  We welcome fiction, drama, poetry, personal and academic essays, photography, drawing, painting, ceramics—and we will consider multi-media formats for future online editions.

The Forge is now published by student editors in English 213: Literary Publications, which is offered every Spring at VCSU.  Although we do not read during the summer or fall months, we accept submissions from any current VCSU students, faculty, or staff, until Spring semester, when the selection and editorial process begins.

Please send us your creative and academic work!

Questions? Please e-mail us at

Submission deadline for the Spring 2017 issue: December 1

Want to join The Forge’s staff of editors? Consider enrolling in the Spring 2017 Literary Publications course (English 213).