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Welcome to the online presence of The Forge, Valley City State University's annual 'literary' publication. The use of single quotes there speaks not to any lack of quality in our publication; rather, it suggests our commitment to a wide and hopefully growing variety of creative endeavors on campus. While we started, in 2002, with primarily literary works, we've since expanded to more significantly include the various visual arts being practiced on campus, and hopefully will soon be able to at least link to an array of musical venues produced by our students. The music you hear if you click on the 2008 link, for example, comes from former VCSU student Micheal Whisler's debut album, Molehill, and we hope to be able represent the winners of the 2009 VCSU Composer's Competition soon.

Regardless of what you see and hear, we think you'll like it.

We also owe a deep debt of gratitude to many entities and folks—VCSU's Student Senate has historically supported us well, and now contributes over half of our incurred costs annually; the Communications Art Department and the CASS Division have consistently made significant financial and structural contributions; and the Art and Theatre Departments have also recently contributed funding. In addition, all prize monies are donated by individual faculty, and many, many faculty, staff, and even community members past and present have served as judges for the individual categories. Finally, a variety of students from different majors consistently step up, year by year, to aid in the marketing for and design of The Forge, and to help in its final production, be it in print or online. Thanks to all, and to all a good reading...or viewing...or listening experience.

Lee Kruger
Faculty Advisor for The Forge